The Stray Dog Allegiance Gang is an organization of stray dogs-young and old-seeking to live freely with protection and guidance from other dogs. Basically, a pack or clan seeking dogs.

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The Stray Dog Allegiance Gang or TSDAG is a gang of stray dogs of any age wishing to be free while with the company of other dogs. It started off when Angel thought of an idea to make a gang so the family wouldn't be seperated. Scamp and their pup-Renee agreed and the other pup Betty decided to be the leader of the gang. So far, the gang is seeking more members, to be lead under Betty's guidance.

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~If you wish for your dog to be a certain rank, comment below~

`~All lead ranks, everybody gets a chance. So if you're Lead Hunter and someone else comments they want to be Lead Hunter, your character will be put as a normal Hunter. And so on~